Engaging contractors and learning

PSNC supported community pharmacy contractors through a period of transformation.

CPCF Roadshows

Following the most significant change to the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework (CPCF) in years, the PSNC policy team hosted free Sunday roadshow events across England (and online) to outline the context of the deal and what it meant for pharmacies. The events gave contractors and their teams an opportunity to ask questions directly of those who negotiated it and learn what to expect for the future.

Mark Burdon, PSNC Regional representative and independent contractor

‘It was really encouraging to see so many contractors giving up their Sundays to learn more about the future of community pharmacy at PSNC’s CPCF Roadshow events.

The events explained the five-year deal and why it was agreed, and they also marked a first step in the sector coming together to ensure that new services will be a success for us, our local communities and the NHS.’

Briefings and factsheets

We published a series of documents to help explain the detail of the five-year CPCF: a short summary, FAQs, a service pilots matrix, and information on funding changes. Guidance on contractual requirements and other changes was released throughout the year, whilst PSNC’s Community Pharmacy News (CPN) magazine had regular factsheets on common dispensing issues.


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Healthcare collaboration

As part of an evolving NHS landscape, community pharmacy needs to embrace change and work with others. Contractors had to be proactive in coordinating engagement with emerging Primary Care Networks (PCNs), and PSNC supported them through a range of explanatory and advisory materials. Our Future of Pharmacy Animation described how pharmacy is changing and proved a useful tool in showing stakeholders what the sector can do.

Collaboration is primarily a local endeavour so LPCs were essential to driving this forward. In 2019/20, PSNC launched a Local Integration Discovery Tool to measure progress and identify what support LPCs needed. It was also a key theme at the LPC Conference: delegates learned about joined-up working and considered local action plans.

Pharmacy representation review

With this transformation underway, pharmacy academic Professor David Wright was invited to lead a review into contractor representation and support. The Professor was tasked with making recommendations to optimise the roles of PSNC and LPC, ensuring the network is fit for the future. Engagement across PSNC, LPCs and the diverse contractor base came via surveys and interviews over the winter, with the final report scheduled for May 2020.

Digital communications

Webinars and videos utilised our in-house experts to explain new things (such as PCNs and Serious Shortage Protocols), as well as providing refreshers on elements of the pharmacy contract. We also launched a ‘CPCF Checklist’ email series reminding contractors of what, when and how to implement CPCF changes.